Connect Team is proud to announce the Connect Team 5v5 Football Tournament starting March 2020. After the success of the Connect Team Club Tournament, the 5v5 Football Tournament continues to provide significant player development using a fun and exciting brand of soccer.

There are many benefits to 5v5 Football for youth development compared to traditional Futsal and 11-A-Side soccer

With the small court, players are constantly placed in demanding decision-making situations, requiring quick thinking, good ball control, precise passing, and creative solutions.

The rules of 5v5 Football favor skilful, creative play above the physical contact that tends to be a feature of traditional outdoor soccer.

Slide tackles and excessive bodily contact is forbidden in the 5v5 Football Tournaments, resulting in fewer injuries.

Smaller team sizes allow players to get more frequent touches on the ball and increased opportunities to score goals.

Players are not just a defender or an attacker but a complete player resulting in a much better all-round understanding of the game.

5v5 Football Tournament is a simple game and devoid of complex rules such as ‘off-side’.

5v5 Football Tournament is fast and exciting, providing an action packed game that keeps players physically active while having fun.


Tournament Play

Each team will compete in their respective age groups(U7/U9/U11/U13), games will be played at prestige Sport Complexs in Gauteng. Upon occasion a team will be given an opportunity to showcase their ability against other Club teams or other league teams. Details regarding the game schedule and game locations will be provided once the fixture list has been released.

2 season a year (Mar-Apr-May) and (Aug-Sep-Oct).

Each game lasts 20 minutes(one way) and typically each team will play twice a day/night.

Maximum of 8 players per team ,Rolling substutions



Our Various Sport Complexs offers one of the best sports facilities around .With prestige fields and fully equipped restaurant we are hoping that families can come and spend the evening with a great meal and sports.



Please fill in our Request Form HERE and we will guide you through the registration process.


A list of Tournament rules can be found HERE